Keratoconus Contact Lenses

Contact lens on top of finger with person's eye in the background
Many suffering from keratoconus can gain relief from custom contact lenses.

What type of contact lenses are used to treat keratoconus?

Our keratoconus treatment protocol focuses primarily on designing and prescribing highly customized contact lenses made specifically for treating keratoconus. Using this treatment, the majority of our keratoconus patients have experienced restored vision without the need for surgical procedures, such as corneal transplants, corneal implants (Intacs), or corneal collagen cross-linking (CXL). We have also helped many patients who still have vision problems after undergoing these surgeries (at the recommendation of other doctors).

We prescribe primarily five categories of contact lenses for our keratoconus patients:

We have a passion for treating keratoconus.

Properly and effectively treating keratoconus is a time consuming process, and thus many doctors are not willing to spend the requisite time. Our doctors stay current on the latest keratoconus management and treatment options and have the experience and compassion needed to restore your vision.

Hands holding another person's hand
Our treatment professionals have the experience and passion to restore your vision.

After you reach out to us, one of our doctors will:

  1. Contact you personally to discuss your condition
  2. Conduct a comprehensive review of your medical records
  3. Perform a meticulous eye exam to determine the extent of your keratoconus
  4. Develop a treatment plan for your eyes

Our doctors have restored vision for keratoconus patients who are:

  • Seeking treatment for the first time
  • Currently wearing contact lenses that are not comfortable or do not provide improved vision
  • Considering surgeries such as corneal transplants, corneal implants (Intacs), or corneal collagen cross-linking (CXL)